Anthroposophic Naturopathy Advanced Schooling 2023 -2025

By working intuitively, inspirationally and imaginatively with the gesture of each Kingdom in Nature we can find the indications for the use of healing substances. By learning to seek higher forces that lie hidden in the processes underlying the formation of mineral, plant and animal we can discover that they correspond to those that need to be stimulated in the patient and the processes are the same as the ‘homoeopathising’ activities within the human being. These aspects are essential in order to achieve a genuine understanding of the remedy and its curative effects. A deeper intuitive insight into the nature of the forces within the substance (substance story) must be schooled through intensive spiritual-scientific research. This opens up a huge panorama for looking into the inner dynamic of remedies and illnesses. Goethean observation is the method by which you can let the phenomena speak to you through an intuitive power of judgement and can lead you to the Signature of the Remedy.


This specialised training will be given as a series of monthly webinars over a three year period covering a range of core aspects of Anthroposophic Medicine. There is also an opportunity to complete an endorsement process, whereby practitioners who successfully complete the full training and assessment process, can be endorsed as Anthroposophic Naturopaths, through ISAN (International Society for Anthroposophic Naturopathy).

The classes will be delivered as webinars, and will be offered on the third Wednesday of each month from 7pm to 8.30pm  (9 sessions per yearly cycle)

  • Part One 2023: Pharmacodynamics and Remedies – metal, mineral, plant, animal and organ remedies.
  • Part Two 2024: Nutrition
  • Part Three 2025: Anamnesis, Diagnosis and the Karma of Illnesses

2023 Webinar Details

  • March: The Minerals
  • April: The Metal Remedies
  • May: The Metal Remedies
  • June: Gem Remedies
  • July: Healing Plants
  • August: Healing Plants
  • September: Healing Plants
  • October: Animal Remedies
  • November: Organ Preparations
  • December: Review

Participation and Endorsement

  • Participants who require endorsement will need to complete monthly assignments (see overview document below for more details)
  • Other interested persons may join the webinars by application.  It is preferred that those wishing to participate have some foundation knowledge in Anthroposphy.
  • CPE Certificates will be provided for each webinar for all participants.
  • Recordings of the webinars will be available for all participants after the session is completed.
  • Those who are unable to attend the live webinars for the Intensive Training can still pay and access the recording to watch in their own time
CLICK HERE TO : Download Document wth Overview of Training & Endorsement Process


  • The cost per Webinar is as follows:
    • $50 for qualified practitioners undergoing official endorsement (covers additional mentoring and assessments)
    • $30 for practitioners and students not choosing to undergo formal training for endorsement
  • A discounted amount for upfront yearly payment of the 9 Webinars per year is also available – $400 for practitioners seeking endorsement.
  • Fees are payable as you go per month (please register and pay a the beginning of the month) or in full at the start of the cycle.
  • Please use bank details below for your payment and email your receipt to
    • Bank Details:
    • Bank AustraliaName: Anthroposophic Naturopaths Guild
    • BSB: 313140   Account number: 12402285
    • Ref: your name and “advanced training”


  • Please register and pay before the start of the month for each monthly webinar – via direct debit.
  • To register please also contact Irmhild Kleinhenz, on or mobile: 0444 551 381
  • For new participants, please include a written application for your intention to join the training.
    • Please provide your information (why you wish to be an anthroposophic prescriber and some biography) and intention to participate in a written application. Your full professional details and references will also be required.
    • Mentorship for personal support is made by application to Irmhild.

This Course is approved by ANG (the Anthroposophic Naturopath Guild of Australia) and ISAN (the Association of Anthroposophic Naturopathy) under the Anthroposophic Medicine Association, The Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland.

Download PDF Flyer of this training

Download Details and Overview of Training & Endorsement