Towards A Cultural- Spiritual Approach To Dying And Death

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Towards A Cultural- Spiritual Approach To Dying And Death

This Professional Education Course is recommendable for those dedicated to accompanying the dying, counsellors, health practitioners, carers, social and support workers, educators, and those who wish to care for the newly deceased, like funeral personnel and celebrants. If your reasons are more personal and you wish to consciously prepare yourself, are grieving a loved one, seeking greater understanding of assisted dying, organ donation, or suicide this Schooling Course will aid you in sovereign inquiry and finding autonomous answers.


Course structure:

Course duration: March 2024 – November 2024

Modes of delivery

  • Five 3-Day Intensives

         Venue: Harmony Centre, Mittagong, NSW

  • Five Online Learning sessions [pre-recorded and posted by set dates]  plus independent reading and engagement
  • Online Conversations, follow ups and questions [2 hours sessions, set dates]

Course themes:

Core Units:

  • Contemplative Inquiry [research method]; Salutogenic Work and Understanding Pain; Storytelling and Folktales – Conscious Threshold Crossings; Occult Hearing; Speech formation [working with the sounds; the excarnating/incarnating paths], Sounds and Breathing, Rhythmic Speaking, Poetry and Verses – a silent bridge for the dying

For more information please download course content: DOWNLOAD COURSE CONTENT

For further inquiries contact:

  • Irmhild Kleinhenz 0444 551 381
  • Iris Curteis 0487 719 476


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