Death Schooling Course

Inscribing signs with a finger dipped in light

A schooling course towards a cultural-spiritual approach to dying and death

This Schooling Course is recommendable for those dedicated to accompanying the dying, counsellors, health practitioners, carers, social and support workers, educators, and those who wish to care for the newly deceased, like funeral personnel and celebrants. If your reasons are more personal and you wish to consciously prepare yourself, are grieving a loved one, seeking greater understanding of assisted dying, organ donation, or suicide this Schooling Course will aid you in sovereign inquiry and finding autonomous answers.

Course structure:

  • 4 Day Intensive Trainings – dates to be confirmed  Friday 4:00pm – 2:30pm Sunday;  NB: tasks will be set during the intensives. These include independent research, writing short essays and preparing presentations that further develop themes, as well as practice and honing skills [storytelling, speech and recitation, contemplation/meditation].
  • Ten monthly Online Tutorials [basic zoom skills required] will be offered between intensives. Individual consultations can be offered on agreement.
    Estimated course hours: 3 hours per week; 800 hours in total: 180 hours intensives; 20 hours zoom; 600 hours independent study and creative practice.

Course themes:

Core Units:

  • Contemplative Inquiry [research method]; Salutogenic Work and Understanding Pain; Storytelling and Folktales – Conscious Threshold Crossings; Occult Hearing; Speech formation [working with the sounds; the excarnating/incarnating paths], Sounds and Breathing, Rhythmic Speaking, Poetry and Verses – a silent bridge for the dying

Additional Creative Subjects:

  • Eurythmy; Death as Image, An Evolution of Consciousness in Visual Art; The Musical Element in Service of the Dying and the Deceased; The Poetic Soul, Developing Imagery and Metaphor

Focus Subjects:

  • The Experience of Sleep, The Concealed Human Being; What is Death? What does it mean to Die? The Moment of Death – The Experience of Individuality; The Sublime Experience of Light ‘I Am a Spiritual Being’.
  • The Tableau of Our Life – Life after Death, a path of further development; Kamaloka – purification, deliverance, and entry into Spiritworld;The Universal Easter Imagination – Death and Resurrection. What is our task on Earth?
  • Social Responsibility: Suicide; Voluntary Assisted Dying in Retirement and Care/Palliative Care Institutions; Euthanasia


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